Remember The Laughter was almost entirely recorded and mixed in my house between the years of 2013 and 2016.  I wrote, produced, engineered, mixed, and played most of the instruments.  I had great help from some amazing people along the way, and without their talent, advice, and support, this record would not have been possible.  I would like to thank them here...

My Wife - For being an endless source of inspiration, and for letting me bounce ideas off of you and always telling me the truth.  Sorry about the holes I made in the living room floor when we were tracking drums.  I promise I'll get them fixed.

My Son - For always being there to put a smile on Daddy's face, and being my first and best fan.

My Parents - For always believing in me.

Jarrod Alexander - For playing drums on 'Walking In Circles,' 'We Save,' 'Take The World,' 'The Lucky Ones,' and 'Remember The Laughter.'  You helped bring them to life.

Doug McKean - For engineering on 'Requiem,' and arranging and engineering on 'Look At You Now.'  Also thanks for answering all my questions, and sometimes helping me find my own answers.

David C. Hughes - For helping me mix 'Isn't That Something' and 'We Save' at Skywalker Ranch.  You helped make a dream come true.

Gene Grimaldi - For mastering this record, and for helping me learn to mix better and getting me to the finish line.



All songs and lyrics written by Ray Toro

Produced and engineered by Ray Toro

'Look At You Now' and 'Requiem' co-produced and co-engineered by Doug McKean and Ray Toro

Mixed by Ray Toro

'Isn't That Something' and 'We Save' mixed by Ray Toro and David C. Hughes

Additional Sound Design by David C. Hughes and Ray Toro

Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering



Jarrod Alexander - Drums on 'Walking In Circles,' 'We Save,' 'Take The World,'   'The Lucky Ones,' and 'Remember The Laughter'

Jamie Muhoberac - Keyboards, Piano and Programming on 'Walking In Circles,' 'Requiem,' 'Look At You Now,' and 'Hope For The World'

Tom Rasulo - Drums and Additional Programming on 'Requiem' and 'Look At You Now'

Tim Pierce - Guitars on 'Requiem' and Guitars and Villette Gryphon on 'Look At You Now'

Chris Chaney - Bass on 'Requiem' and 'Look At You Now'

David C. Hughes - Background vocals on 'We Save'

Steve Boeddeker - Background vocals on 'We Save'

Andre Zweers - Background vocals on 'We Save'